How Toureo Works?

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Discover how Toureo works and revolutionizes the booking process for multi-day tours. Our intuitive platform is designed to streamline operations specifically for these complex travel packages, connecting you seamlessly with clients and simplifying every aspect from planning through to execution. Embark on a journey with us to see the transformative impact Toureo can have on your multi-day tour operations, making every step an effortless experience.

Step 1 - Leads

Our TourPlanner Portal enables clients to create detailed quotes by themselves directly within the system. They have the flexibility to modify these quotes on their own, without needing to interact with an agent, and can proceed to payment when they feel prepared. On the other hand, through our TourAgent Portal, your agents have the option to either keep track of these client-generated quotes or create new quotes from scratch within the Agent Portal.


Step 2 - Payments

Clients can visit the secure TourClient section to review, pay for, and confirm their trips. While your agents can facilitate this process, their involvement isn't compulsory.

Technically speaking, Toureo is compatible with any payment gateway that offers an API, including options like Stripe, Flywire, and Paynopain.


Step 3 - Bookings

Once the payment is successfully processed, the booking is confirmed, and the operational tasks begin immediately. Your agents can track the progress of these tasks through the TourAgent Portal.

At this point, the operational automations are initiated.

Step 4 - Client Necessary Info

After the payment is processed, Toureo takes over to assess what additional information is needed from the clients and sends out the necessary reminders. This ensures that the entire booking process can be finalised automatically. For instance, reminders may be sent for flight details, room preferences, contact information requests, and so on.

Step 5 - Supplier Requests

After the payment is received and all essential information from the client is collected, the booking process starts automatically, removing the necessity for manual input. Toureo efficiently confirms all associated hotels and services following specific rules. Suppliers are provided with a specialised portal through which they can review and approve booking requests. Additionally, they have the facility to download reports and directly update their prices online.

How Toureo Works

Step 6 - Travel Documents

Everything a client needs is accessible in their secured TourClient Portal, including travel documents, travel vouchers, hotel directions, and instructions. These become available 60 days before departure, provided the final payment has been made. This enables clients to view their travel documents, allowing them to contact suppliers directly and navigate to their accommodations with ease.

Our startup addresses the complexity and inefficiency in managing travel bookings, particularly for tour operators handling individual and small group travel. Traditional methods are manual, time-consuming, and often lead to operational bottlenecks, requiring a high number of staff to manage bookings and struggling with coordination among various suppliers.

Our solution, Toureo, leverages technology to automate and streamline the entire booking process. By providing a platform that enables clients to customize their itineraries and manage their travel plans with ease, we significantly reduce the manual workload for operators. Toureo simplifies supplier coordination, offers dynamic solutions to availability issues, and provides a secure environment for both operators and clients to access and manage travel information. Our approach not only increases operational efficiency and profitability for tour operators but also enhances the travel planning experience for their clients, making it more personalized and enjoyable.