What is Toureo?

Booking management for Individual bookings & Groups


Welcome to the forefront of multi-day tour management innovation – welcome to Toureo. Here, we present a groundbreaking platform meticulously crafted for tour operators specializing in multi-day adventures. Toureo transcends traditional software boundaries; it’s a holistic solution engineered to revolutionize the planning, management, and execution of multi-day tours. By merging advanced technology with user-friendly design, we’ve developed a system that not only simplifies bookings but also streamlines operations and fosters direct connections with clients and suppliers. Ideal for those aiming to boost operational efficiency, elevate customer satisfaction, or broaden their market reach, Toureo is poised to redefine your travel management strategy. Embark on a journey with us to explore how Toureo stands as the vanguard of multi-day tour operations, where innovation meets practicality.

Tour Operator Software

In today’s fast-paced world, managing travel bookings can often become a tedious and time-consuming task for both travel agencies and their clients. However, the advent of innovative travel management platforms like Toureo is changing the game by empowering clients to take control of their booking process, making it more efficient, personalised, and enjoyable.

Empowering Your Clients

With Toureo, your clients have the unique opportunity to design their itineraries according to their preferences and needs. This hands-on approach not only enhances their booking experience but also ensures that their travel plans align perfectly with their expectations. By allowing clients to be in charge of creating their bookings, Toureo transforms the planning phase into an exciting part of the travel adventure.

Streamlined Booking Flow

Toureo simplifies the booking journey from start to finish. Clients can effortlessly build their itineraries online and secure their bookings with a payment. This seamless process is designed to be intuitive, ensuring that even those with minimal technical expertise can navigate the platform with ease.

Automatic Supplier Coordination

Once a booking is made, Toureo takes over the intricate task of coordinating with various suppliers. Each booking is automatically submitted for confirmation, saving valuable time and reducing the manual effort required from your team. Suppliers have access to their own portal within Toureo, where they can confirm or reject the requested services. This level of automation in supplier coordination is a game-changer, significantly streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Dynamic Supplier Swapping

Availability issues are inevitable in the travel industry, but Toureo’s dynamic system ensures that such hurdles don’t disrupt your client’s plans. In cases where a requested service is unavailable, Toureo proactively swaps the supplier to find the next available option. This feature guarantees that your clients’ itineraries remain intact, with minimal disruptions to their travel plans.

Secure Client Portal

At the conclusion of the booking process, clients can access their travel documents through a secure Client Portal. This not only ensures the safety and confidentiality of important travel information but also provides clients with a central hub where they can review and manage their travel details. The convenience of having all necessary documents in one place greatly enhances the travel experience, allowing clients to focus on enjoying their holiday.

The Ultimate Holiday Experience

The culmination of Toureo’s features is the promise of an unforgettable holiday experience for your clients. By integrating clients into the booking process and leveraging advanced technology to manage logistics, Toureo ensures that each holiday is meticulously planned and seamlessly executed. Your clients are not just booking a trip; they’re crafting their dream holiday, with each detail tailored to their desires.

In Conclusion, Toureo represents a significant leap forward in the travel industry, offering a solution that benefits both travel agencies and their clients. By streamlining the booking process, enhancing client engagement, and ensuring a high level of service delivery, Toureo is set to redefine the standards of travel management. Say goodbye to the repetitive and time-consuming tasks of yesteryear, and welcome a new era where your clients are at the helm of their travel adventures, supported by the robust and efficient framework of Toureo.


– Seamless Travel Planning: With Toureo, empower your clients to effortlessly customize their journeys. Our platform automates the creation of personalized itineraries, aligning perfectly with travelers’ unique preferences and timelines.

– Direct Supplier Integration: Eliminate the hassle of manual supplier management. Toureo offers a direct line to suppliers for booking confirmation, significantly simplifying the coordination process and boosting efficiency.

– Automated Alternative Supplier Selection: Should a service be unavailable, Toureo instantly provides alternatives, ensuring that your clients’ travel plans remain unaffected and smoothly executed.

– Exclusive Access to a Personal Travel Dashboard: Provide a one-stop solution for clients to manage their bookings, access travel documents, and complete payments securely through Toureo’s dedicated client portal.

– Instantaneous Booking Confirmation and Secure Payments: Benefit from Toureo’s integrated booking and payment system, which offers immediate confirmation and a safe transaction environment, enhancing the overall booking experience for clients.

Key features & functionalities

What Toureo Offers

Workflow Efficiency

  • Automatic Itineraries: Clients can build their travel packages, minimizing manual work.
  • Agents Quotes: Agents can customize trips further, adding a personal touch.
  • Auto Reservations: Toureo automates supplier confirmations after payment, saving time and resources.

Reliability and Scalability

Built on modern technology stacks like Laravel, MySQL, PHP, and JS. Toureo is scalable and reliable.

Third-Party Integrations

  • If you already have a quoting system, you can integrate it with Toureo.
  • Payment gateway integrations like Stripe and Flywire are also available.

Client and Supplier Portals

  • Clients have access to all their travel documents in a unified portal.
  • Suppliers can confirm or reject reservations and update rates, all through their dedicated portal.

Best Practices and Support

Toureo offers set-up, support and optional ongoing IT development.

How It Works

The Process Flow

  1. Leads: Clients generate quotes directly in the Reservation Module.
  2. Bookings: Agents can follow up on these quotes or create new ones.
  3. Payments: Payment is integrated with any payment gateway offering API support.
  4. Reservations: With a simple click, reservations are confirmed.


  • TourSupplier Portal: Suppliers can manage reservations, check invoices, and update rates.
  • TourClient Portal: All necessary travel documents and information are stored here for client access.
  • TourPlanner: Clients can prepare quotes and bookings without the Agents’ interaction.
  • TourAgent Portal: Agent’s access and Process control for your staff

Why Choose Toureo?

Comprehensive Features

From quoting to booking management, everything is integrated.


Built on mainstream and easy-to-maintain technologies, the software is highly scalable.

Consultancy and Support

Toureo guides you in setting up the system to meet your organizational needs and offers robust support for issue resolution.

Admin Control

Complete control over settings and data import and export features are provided.

Additional Features

  • Token login for added security
  • Linked services like transfers and luggage transfers can be auto-confirmed
  • Multi-currency support
  • Plans for more booking allocation features and bed bank integrations in 2024

In a nutshell, Toureo aims to significantly reduce manual work, make processes more efficient, and enable tour operators to focus on customer service and business growth. Its automation features make the booking process smoother for clients and agents, while its scalability ensures it can adapt to growing business needs.

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